Henry L. Porter Evangelistic Association, Incorporated

The Coalition for a Better Family

Widely known as the Men’s Auxiliary, this meeting teaches men their responsibilities to God, their families and themselves, while sharing those things men need to say to each other . Providing leadership for the family, community and the church, these meetings are a must for every man (age 12 and upward). Meetings are Thursday evenings at 8:00 P.M. A Westcoast Man is a good man. He keeps Gods first in his life. He is allegiant, and obedient to his superiors. He is loyal, thoughtful and understanding. Who can tell what heights he shall attain? He performs his duties to his church and his home, and takes his rightful place in his community. He is an honest man, and not a liar. He is outspoken when it comes to truth and mercy. He is concerned about others, and he volunteers his service to worthy causes. He seeks instructions and wisdom – captures understanding at every available opportunity. He is a merciful man – faithful and true, peaceful and happy, friendly and reliable, outgoing and humble, gentle and strong. He is a sanctified man. He makes best use of his day. He keeps purpose in mind, and live in his heart. Discretion protects him, and wisdom leads him. Without hypocrisy and partiality, he is fair and just. He stimulates his convictions through active participation. He is not lazy; he is not selfish; he is a giver – a supporter, a credit, and an asset. He is a leader in his home, on the job – and in his church. Fair weather is not the only time he flies. If he is married, he loves his wife and his children. Through all his trials, he still stands. He is a Westcoast Man. A Westcoast Boy trains to become a Westcoast Man. © 1988 Henry L. Porter.