Henry L. Porter Evangelistic Association, Incorporated

Women for Peace & Happiness

A Westcoast Woman is a good woman. She is diligent, obedient and resourceful – full of the joy of the Lord. She is graceful and true, unswerving in her devotion to God. She keeps God first in her life, and she serves her church well. She is loyal, thoughtful, and faithful – easy to talk to. She is peaceful and has friends. She is not a busybody; and she uses her time wisely. She makes strides in life and finds a better way to communicate, yet, no way to complain. She is not clamorous, idle – or loud. She is without hypocrisy and gossip. She is a Saved woman. She serves her home and community. She is gentle and sure, helpful and holy, humble and caring, respectful and respected — a learner, a giver; a servant, and a friend. She loves, obeys and lives in harmony with her own husband. She gracefully surrenders her agenda when she joins his team, knowing that she has chosen God’s way for her fullness to blossom. She knows that their sacred union holds more spiritually than she can presently perceive. And, because this is the way she has willingly chose, she will do him good, and not evil, all the days of her life. She is a virtuous woman. He can safely trust in her. She finds strength, eagerness, and security from the praises of her husband, who she causes to rejoice. She rests in the comfort of his love. Her heart knows kindness – his and hers. She is a gracious woman. Her children are clean, happy and well attended. She works and is not lazy. She volunteers her services; and when she is called to speak, she can. And, if she is not married, she serves the Lord without distractions, still looking up to her God. Soft -spoken and humble, through her trials she still stands. She is A Westcoast Woman